Monday, August 11, 2014

Easy Sketch Pro Additions! A Must Get For Internet marketer's for your online AND Offline Earnings!!

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For some reason The blog won't let me download the voiceover to these videos!! That's why I am considering wordpress for all my blogs. But believe me, put your email in the box to the left and you will see and HEAR the voice-over that goes along with this video! It is a fantastic tool and one that should not be overlooked!!! I am getting quite tired of all the blogger rules!!! Just put your email in the box or email me @ or better yet and I'll attach the whole thing!! It is extremely powerful!!
Hi Everyone!
Paul Lynch is a very creditable internet millionaire! In other words he is one of the rare good ones out there that actually creates products that people can actually monetize and more importantly use to grow a true internet marketing business!
I have personally purchased every one of his easy sketch pro modules and it has quickly become one of my best tools! It allows you to create white/doodle videos that are proven to convert 278% more than your best squeeze or sales page you can come up with!
This short video gives you an example of his commitment to constantly update and improve his products so people like me can use them in my internet business as well as my local offline business, which actually I am doing better at, at this very moment.
You see I purchased his commercial license package, which allows me to go to local businesses and improve their websites by adding these customizable doodle videos to their websites to improve their bottom line and profitability!!
Now these doodle sketches are not cheap!! Look around for a developer, try it. They charge anywhere from $500-thousands of dollars for the same thing I can create in 5-10 minutes!! The ease of use is intuitive and the power of the program is enormous. So you are probably asking, sure Joe, then how do I make money with this product? Well one way is to spice up your own website in WHATEVER niche you are in or you can advertise, like I do on Craigslist, and offer your services for a fraction of what the big boys charge!! I normally charge $100-250 per job and I have a waiting list of local businesses that want this on their website!! So I would strongly urge you to look to the right column of this blog and click on the Easy Sketch Pro banner and purchase it!!
It is one of the Best tools I have ever purchased and it has already paid for itself 10x over just with offline businesses. Take action, this is a fantastic product that I highly recommend!!
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Friday, August 1, 2014

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