Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to Earn $200 Cash Hacks The Easy Way Real Review Plus Bonuses!#makemoneytricks#easycashhacks

Hey everyone!

This is it! A few days back this method was awarded Warrior Plus' coveted "Deal Of The Day!", and it certainly deserved it! I, as I always do, and then watch the stats and sales pile up, and as always, carefully watch how many refunds have been issued.

How To earn $200 Cash Hacks The Easy Way Real Review plus Bonuses met the criteria I use from its Sales page so I bought it and started to go through the whole video course aswell as the "over the shoulder" instructions!#warriorplusdealoftheday

Let me tell you something this is a very Easy Cash Tricks method! You don't need a website, Technical ability, coding skills. You simply have to WANT to do this and be able to follow the instructions, which are laid out in a very intuitive and sensible manner. Wow, a course that actually connects the dots!!moneymakingtips

Here is a peak at the Sales Page!

How To Make Money Tips
$200 Cash Hack

So, I as always have done an in depth video review from my YouTube Channel. In case you were wondering the channel can be found by searching YouTube for the Channel Title: Joe Leary.  real original right? OK enough with the sarcasm.

Just in case you are in a rush and don't want to watch my video, here is the link to the sales page!  The video runs approximately 13:45. Sorry for the length but I wanted to explain this in detail because it was worth it and I also wanted to give everyone that is kind enough to devote their time to watching and reading this blog a background on who I am exactly by revealing a few of my tax returns and a little bit of background so at least you know I might know a little about being successful. After all, you have to trust someone in order to really buy something they are suggesting, at least most of the time! So here is the link, wow, I am long winded tonight, sorry...............


So I have committed one of the ultimate no- no's! I have put the video below the fold!! Oh well, please watch it, there is some important information I would really like to share with you. The link inside te video wil appear from 3 minutes on, and you can click on it at any time. I just hope you watch being up and running in an hour you will be up and running in ten minutes! I also want to stress that this isn't just CPA offers either it can be digital or physical products and once you hit that sweet spot this can easily be ramped up to 5,10 even $15,000 per week!#realmoneymakingmethods

Here is the link again:

Along with this method, there comes a 60 day money back guaratee, so there really is no risk either. Like I said , these guys historically have a refund rate, well under 3%.

Again this is a free traffic source, that actually works for many types of offers. I mean what better thing than to set up a few campaigns and watch money roll in ? Nothing I can think of at the moment. Try this course out. It is well worth your time an effort.

Here's To You In 2016!

Joe Leary

P.S. If there is anything I can help you with, I am here to help. So fel free to post comments or shoot me an email @ and make sure you title it, 'Blog Posts - Help!"
I respond to EVERYONE as soon as I can!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's Go VIRAL! The Viral Money Magnet System Real Review!

The Viral Money Magnet System Real Review !

 So this is a very, very interesting idea! What if you could get a bunch of people together invest into a system where it creates a viral reaction! That is what we are talking about here!

This is quite an undertaking. I think it might just work! I sure as hell invested my money into it!#goviral

As I discussed in the YouTube Video, the funnel is very deep! You have a front end offer for $12.95, a recurring monthly traffic Pool for $19.95, an Unlimited Money Magnet Page Builder for $47, and the topper! THE EASY BUTTON, that identifies the viral videos, or the up and coming viral videos FOR YOU for $97. 

This isn't chump change! But really, should it be for the opportunity to drive viral traffic to a page that you have control over monetizing? I don't think so. 

Do yourself a favor and just click on this link to see the sales page! The copy is genious! 

So like I said in the video. I promised if you wanted to invest in this, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee!
Click the link below and I'll show you how to get the FULL POWER of the Viral Money Magnet System for $78 LESS!!



A custom Youtube URL will be emailed to get how you save $78 and STILL get The Full Power of The Viral Money Magnet System Plus Follow up and Advanced Training that they just don't cover!!! I PROMISE!! 

I truly believe this could be a way to make Serious money!!

Check out my Hangout Video BELOW!!

This really is SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT!! Thanks, Joe

Monday, February 8, 2016

vPages Stunning Mobile Friendly Video Pages In 30 Seconds Plus Super Bonus!#newwordpressplugins#wordpressvieoplugins

Hi Everyone!

BLIZZARD conditions up here just outside of Boston today! So I thought I'd treat you to a little plugin I found by Matthew MacDonald.

This is $7.99 and it let's you put up stunning video pages on your wordpress sites in less than 30 seconds!

It has Call To Actions and some other really cool features and the price is crazy!! A must have for anyone using video on their wordpress sites! Oh and did I mention they look fantastic on mobile phones too!! YUP!!

If you buy from my link I am going to throw another premium plugin with full documentation called zero bounce which is a $97 value!!

So take a moment, and I mean that, to check out my review of this simple, easy to use, fantastic video plugin!! You have to be using video on your site these days and this is a no brainer!!#wordpressmobilevideopageplugin

Here you go. The link comes in at around 40 seconds into this short review. Click it and get it!! It has sold over 1,000 units and there hasn't been a refund!!!

Check it out here!

There is like I said an OTO. It is $46.99 and it is this plug in on steroids and HGH!! If you have the $$$ I would go for it. Otherwise, just stick to the front end offer! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for watching! Make sure you send over your info!! So I can send you the zip file for the other plugin. Get those videos up on your site!!#topvideopageplugins