Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Revealed! The Secret To Making $24-$48 Per Hour On Fiverr!!#howtomakemoneyonline#howtomakemoneywithfiverr#realextraincome#makemoney#makemoneyfromhome#waystomakemoney#

Hi Everyone & Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever heard of a site called Fiverr?
Well it is a site for those of you who don't know, where you can get virtually anything done for $5! That goes for articles, banners, logos, press releases, to crazy happy birthday songs left on someone's voicemail or cellphone!

It is a real thing and it is only 3 years old, but there are plenty of people making real income on a daily basis with this website! You can offer extra services and charge another $5- whatever if you can get it. But the basis is $5 per gig, as they call it.

Now Have you ever heard of Fergal Downes? Fergal is a very successful internet marketer who is well known, especially on the warrior forum, one of the powerhouse internet marketing sites.

He just released a product, which I purchased, plus 2 of the OTO's(one time offers), that shows you how to make quite a bit of steady income using fiverr. The niche's he has picked are virtually not addressed on the site, yet he found out that 100's of people a day are searching and willing to pay for these services. He also has come up with a way to have all the work done already so when a buyer requests the gig, you can deliver it within minutes! That means you can do this over and over again without so much as pushing a button and delivering the information to the buyer! Pure Genious!

I would highly recommend getting this course right here right now, because it works!! And because it is on a dimesale, so with every few purchases the price rises! This isn't a scam it is well worth the $37 he will eventually charge!

If you decide to take my advice and purchase through my link below, I have attached a 1 Time Bonus for buying it here for FREE. It is a course by another well known internet marketer, Reed Floren. The title of his course you will be getting is "How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer in 48 Hours"!
This course is a $27 value by itself! So this to me is a no brainer. Click on the link below and start making money with Fiverr, and get Reed's $27 course for Free for purchasing through this website!!

See you on Fiverr!!! Click below!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review of 2 New Video Programs

So that just about explains it!
They are both great programs, it is just a matter of what you do and how you would use them!
As I promised here are the links below! They are both amazing and risk free with an iron clad money back guarantee!
I Want To Learn More & Buy Video Essence!!

Give Me Animation, Whiteboard Videos! Click Here for Explaindio!!

I bought both! They do exactly what they say they do, which is refreshing in this day and age!!
Take action, video is THE FUTURE!!

An Expert Review Site For Internet Marketing: My Results On Free Traffic Lists!#traffic#freetraf...

An Expert Review Site For Internet Marketing: My Results On Free Traffic Lists!#traffic#freetraf...: Hi Everyone! So I have been doing a study on generating free traffic with safelists and the results are in! Some of them DO work! Unfortu...

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Results On Free Traffic Lists!#traffic#freetraffic#safelistreviews#bestfreetraffic#Affiliatemarketing#internetmarketingonabugget

Hi Everyone!

So I have been doing a study on generating free traffic with safelists and the results are in! Some of them DO work! Unfortunately most of them don't.

Are you surprised though really? This testing has been going on for over 3 months so I have a great sample size to analyze. So how does this benefit you? Well I have done all the heavy lifting. I put the time and effort into finding the ones that I would recommend to everyone.

Now, there are some things you must know. They are all FREE to join! Everyone you join will of course have an upsell page, where they try to upgrade you into a monthly plan. This gives you the ability to mail to their members more frequently and at a much greater amount in a single mailing.

So within this report, you are going to not only see which ones work, saving you tons of time, but also my recommendations about which ones the upgrade makes sense to spend the money on!

So here is the criteria; I joined 35 different free mailers! Each one is similar and their ease of use, is also very similar, so you don't have to be a genious to put together an email, link it to an affiliate offer and shoot it off to 2,000-3,000 or even 5,000 people at a time.

I based my results on 2 things, which services consistently had high CTR's(actual click thru rates), and conversions. Pretty simple. But this was a lot of work, so I hope you appreciate this.

As a matter of fact, I was going to put this in a PDF report and charge everyone $4.99 for it! But I have decided to let you grab this knowledge for free! Now I will tell you, I am creating a more in depth free traffic report tied into high converting affiliate programs that I will be coming out with next week and that PDF is going to be for sale @$7.00.

It will be the best $7 you have ever spent, especially if you are relatively new to internet marketing! But for now I am giving you the links below of the top 4 FREE traffic safelists you must join right away, if you want to see instant results for your affiliate marketing efforts.

VERY IMPORTANT!! Each one of these links wil bring you to the Free sign up page of the sites. I highly recommend buying the lowest upsell for each program. Why? Because these sites are worth every penny and you will see even better results from the upgrade!! DO NOT buy Their Platinum or GOLD package unless money is no object! It is for me so I went with the bronze or silver membership on these sites because they usually give you a whole lot of extra benefits for the cheapest investment.
These one time offers, are affordable and HIGHLY recommended. They will run you between $4.95-6.97 per month but you get to mail 1,000's more members much more frequently, like every 2 days as opposed to 500 members per week!

So here it goes, if you can't afford the money for the smallest upgrade for all pick the top 2 and upgrade those. It will more than pay off for you!!

There are only 4 so here it goes;
#4 Consistent CTR of 10%!! On every mail I sent!

#3 Always 10% + Click Thru Rates! Very Active membership!

#2 Amazing 12% + Click Through Rates! Large Membership That Actually Buy!! UPGRADE ON THIS ONE!!

#1 !2%+ Click Thru Rates! If they Members Don't Click You Get Your Credits Back! Targeted Buyer's!! This sites Members Buy What You Are Promoting!!

Please do what I recommend and you will be well on your way to making money with virtually free traffic!! This is by far the cheapest way to make sales with your offers!! Take action on each one! They are worth your time joining! It only takes about 2 minutes to join each one! Do it now and reach 30,000 interested buyer's or more per week!!! Let me know how you are doing!! I know this works!!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amazing New Money Making Course

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The link is Above this video!!! Not below it!! Get it Now before The price doubles!! Or........... You can look at my last post and click on that link! It is a Dime sale people!! And Mike is not kidding, he will double the price tomorrow! That is an indication that he has already sold what he wanted to sell! Now he will be making gravy!

Let me ask you? Why can't you do the same thing? You can !!! But in the mean time, pick up this course and start to make REAL money online. Then you can scale it up or do whatever you want!!

Either way, you are making a huge mistake if you don't grab this program! They don't come along too often!!!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Alert!! The Price is About To Double on My Last Post!!#moneymakingfromhome#internetmarketing#moneymakingproducts#onlinemarketing#supplementalincome#howtomakemoney#programsthatwork


The product I just reviewed in my last post from Mike is about to double in the next 36 hours!! This is not some scam or anything else!!

This course works and is still at Dimesale prices!! Mike has done so well with his initial launch he is doubling the price!1 Which means the product is flying, and rightfully so!

So for $9 or $10 bucks or whenever you decide to pull the trigger, you really should, because it works! This guy has been on line for 3 years documenting his actual income and verifying it as proof!

What else do you need? If you want to make $100k + per year working at home, you must buy his course! Get it now before he doubles the price!!

Yes! Give Me The Price Before It Doubles!!

P.S. It is still dirt cheap and he has a crazy money back guarantee!! There is absolutely no risk!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How an Ex English Teacher Quit His Job And Makes $277 Per Day Online!!#internetmarketing#makemoneyonline#extraincome#workfromhome#bestnewmoneymaker

Hi Everyone,

Well if you haven't heard, one of the most likeable guys in internet marketing has finally released a product that is getting rave reviews from many very well established internet marketers!
His name is Mike and if you are at all active in the internet/MMO field you may know him as Mike From Maine.

He regularly does Skype reviews, which are quite entertaining, on other people's new product launches! Well he has put together a very affordable(less than 2 Starbuck's coffees), easy to follow program that is netting him AT least $277 every single day!

This guy is not some hidden Guru behind a black curtain telling you he found some mad Russian scientist who found a cracked code in Google and you are going to make millions! Wow, that was a run on sentence! He is just a real internet marketing guy, with a formula that works!

The course is highly actionable right from the very beginning. There is NO Fluff here! It is just good solid marketing advice. If you follow his steps, and there are some real hidden gems in this course, you will be able to make $200, $300 even $500 per day.

He lays out his strategy, he shows you step by step over his shoulder what he does and he shows you his results! What more could you want? This course is on what marketer's call a dimesale! So it gets more expensive every time someone buys it! It has just been launched, so you can't get it any cheaper than it is right now!

Are you ready to actually invest a little time that will actually bring you into a full time income? Then buy Mike's course right here and get to work! After all this is a business! There is no fairy dust and one button softwares! They don't exist! This is an excellent course at the very lowest price possible! So click on the link below and buy it!

If you follow his instructions, you will make money with this program!

Yes I Want To Make $277 Per Day From My Home!!!

Click the Link Above! I give it my 5 Star Rating!! *****! Good job Mike!
Good Luck Everyone!!