Saturday, November 12, 2016

Best Cheapest Website Hosting One Payment for Life!

Best Cheapest Website Hosting One Payment for Life!

I want to keep this very short and sweet! This post is all about THE CHEAPEST BEST HOSTING FOR YOUR WEBSITE! There is nothing that even comes close!

It is a 1 time payment and the pages are guaranteed to load in under 2 Seconds! You also get 2 Domain Names For LIFE!! So you don't have to re-new those either. There is to be totally transparent a limitation on the domain names.

They aren't .com endings, but when you read the options and it is a 1 time payment for life, I am sure you will be able to live with oe the several other choices they give you.

Besides, I think the .com thing is overrated! I think .

To get right to the point here is the link!! you are NUTS, if you don't look at this!

That's right! Website hosting for $47 for up to 4 websites and $87 for up to 12 websites! Here is the link again, this is not some crazy thing! This is a legitimate offer, from a legitimate company that carries a 100% money back guarantee, backed by a super reputable company!!


Here is a quick video too, you can click right on the video and get to the website also!

This is by far the best most affordable website hosting on the planet! Get it now while they still have this pricing in place!! Thanks for reading! Now go get some awesome affordable Lifetime Hosting!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deal Of The Week How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air!#warriorplusdealoftheweek

Deal Of The Week How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air!

Once again, I am spotlighting a groundbreaking program. The Deal Of The Week, How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air! This is another one of those, out of the box products created by James Renouf and his partner, Shane Nathan.

You don't need a website, a list, a sales letter or even anything to sell! That's right, nothing to sell and you can make money every minute of every day! Sound hard to believe? I thought so too. So I invested in the product and had quite a bit of skepticism. Boy, was I wrong! You can monetize anything on this platform. The only thing you do need is a Smartphone! That's right this is a brand new FREE mobile App that let's people who watch your live stream contribute to whatever it is you are doing! Pick a niche and start talking about it! It's that simple. I was actually speechless at first until I started using it. Then I realized that its true. They have agreed to hold the price at $9.99 for another day or 2 and then they are jacking the price up again. Here is the link to the Sales page! Grab this and just start having fun with it. You'll quickly see what I mean or what they mean by Making money Out Of Thin Air!

You can certainly go to my post of last week titled,"How To Male Money Out Of Thin Air". It will detail everything you need to know! I have however learned a few little things that could help you decide to purchase this product, because you really should! It is so easy, you aren't going to believe it, and it is just getting momentum. Let's just say it is Periscope a year and a half ago or Facebook just as it was switching from colleges to a major social network! Well this is your chance to get in on this in its infancy stage and once it really starts to take off, lookout! So here is a short little video explaining this course in more detail, since I bought it about 8 or 9 days ago! If you can't make money with this, you probably can't make money. The link at 1 minute 30 seconds is live, so just click on it!!

This is such an easy method that you almost have to be talked into it. But when you start to use it, and see all the interaction user's are getting on this app, you are going to realize that this is quite simply the easiest way you can make money online! I can't think of anything even close to this. So as I have said in the video, get it now, it is on a temporary price freeze and really buy the OTO because there is some things that will put you even miles ahead of just the people that get on there and just stream anything. Although I did see a cat video the other day that had a bunch of people following it and they made $260.00 with a 4 minute stream! So you can take this anywhere you want to go.


Make sure you notify me of your purchase so I can send you over my bonus of some interesting ways you can use this course to make a ton of money!!! I hope to hear from many of you soon!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Easy Traffic Magnet Review!#freetrafficmethod#easymoneysystem

Easy Traffic Magnet Review!

Fergal Downes is one of the most upstanding, good guys in internet marketing! My Easy Traffic Magnet Review, which Fergal just released 2 days ago is what I am going to tell you all about today.

This method is like a lot of methods these days, claiming you don't need to spend a dime on traffic and the method they teach converts this mysterious traffic source like crazy! The only real difference I can find between this and the other thousand of launches that have come and gone in this space is, that this traffic and this actual method Fergal tells you about ACTUALLY WORKS!#realfreetrafficmethod

There are no hidden tricks, no twists and games that have to be performed to pray that somebody actually latches on to what you are offering and takes a leap and buys a $8 item and you think this is great! Well selling anything on the internet is no doubt a great feeling but the trick is to do it, consistently! Easy Traffic Magnet ensures that IF you do the work, which is 1 hour(it is actually a little less than that, even for me!). You WILL earn between $70-$80 without a doubt! Here is my video review! The link shows up about 3 minutes in, and I filmed it on Google Hangouts so I apologize for the snippets of video and audio that lag and don't seem to go together! Hang in there, I get there, so please watch it! Thank you. Now go grab some popcorn and make sure you don't bite your BUYING finger off! Because you are going to want to purchase this course. It absolutely works everyone! So, here you go!

So there you have it! Are you going to get rich? NO! Are you going to be able to count on $1300-$1500 per month? YES YOU ARE!! So now it is up to you.

This is a solid money making method, that is simple to understand, does exactly what it says it does, and has plenty more to offer if you can afford to buy an OTO or 2! 

I would say it is 1 of the only courses with that Free Traffic claim that actually is real straight ahead, and is not the least bit confusing. Here is the link again.


As I mentioned in the video, when you purchase this, make sure you send me over your receipt so I can send you a whole bunch of great information about alternative traffic and some awesome affiliate marketing tips! They are worth getting on their own, but I'm not going to go there. Just let me say, they are certainly worth a few hundred dollars anyway.

I promise you this. I don't know many people that make $50 a day legitimately on the internet, so when you start to see these results it is intoxicating!! There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and that you have succeeded when those Paypal notifications start chiming in on your cell phone or whatever device you are carrying! Trust me, it is crazy good!

I am hoping that all of you who have read this far will purchase this course because of this review and that you follow through or ask for help(you really won't need it) because for me, helping people make a decision that is going to impact their lives in a positive way, is a huge deal for me!! Here is the link 1 more time! Please dive in and grab this course. You will be a whole different person by the end of this weekend!


I hope to hear from you all soon!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air!

How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air! 

Well not quite but it might as well be! This is what I like to call a technological breakthrough that combines the hottest trends in internet marketing and technology today and just figuring out how to monetize this type of thing easily and almost like you were brain dead! Really!
So everyone knows that mobile phones are pretty much the future right? Well, if you said NO! Bye,Bye, go to the next blog. Go ahead, I'll give you a few seconds to opt out!.....................
OK, still here? Good, we're half way there! Now everyone knows that video is by far the most popular way to market, get conversions and visibility right? Again, same thing, I'll give you a few seconds if you disagree!.................
OK. Now, put a mobile phone, a brand new amazing FREE App for mobile phones and combine that with video. Then you break that into popular categories like music, business, art, news, marketing, DIY and then let people pay you, if they like what they see???? WHAT???
YUP! It is mobile app, youtube, crowdfunding!!!
Oh my God, think of the possibilities?? Oh yeah and NOBODY really knows about this yet, but you can be real sure there will be millions of people rolling their Periscope accounts and starting to put their content on an APP that has a BIG BUTTON that says PAY!!!! Are you kidding me? This is insane!
DOWN PERISCOPE!! UP WITH ________________! Look I can't reveal it because, well that is pretty much what you are going to be paying for! I am telling you. You can make money on this App doing anything! Think youtube, Periscope, Vimeo, anything with video and then asking the people who become followers or don't become followers, make a contribution to whatever it is you are doing on there. You can be cooking, telling a story, giving advice, walking your dog, filming your vacation, the opportunities are endless and its mobile and its video and its free!!! and it is cutting edge and new and all of those things plus more, because they are still adding features as you go, so I shouldn't have to tell you what happens to people called "early adopters". If you find yourself on the ground floor of a huge thing that is just about to skyrocket in tech these days it might as well be like holding the winning lottery ticket! The guy  or guys who put this out are James Renouf(who I have purchased every single thing and promoted everything he has pretty much ever done!!!) and Shane Nathan who isn't James but, he's pretty close! It is a really great duo for "out of the box" product creation! Although this probably will be considered that, it couldn't be further from the truth, since everything this method deals with is a huge hit already! This is still around $10, but it is moving up in price extremely fast, and will most likely be close to $20 by tomorrow, and I am so stoked over this thing that I almost don't want to write this and just keep putting stuff/content on this APP so I can keep hearing my phone endlessly dinging, because that is what it is doing since last night at 11:30 when I bought this product and went through the pdf!!!
Honestly, I am doing you such a big favor I was thinking of charging some sort of a commission to give people some things they could do on here to make them money!! I mean I still may become the first ever phone app/Blogger Agent!! Don't laugh! That is an offer you are going to get at the end of this thing!

Here is my quick review! The link is live in the video! Get this program! I'll give you a bundle of ways you can monetize this program as a bonus!!

That's about all I can say about this method! If you don't get this, it on you!
You certainly can make money and no you don't have to be on camera either! There are other ways to do video as you probably already know by now. So this app just asks people to donate money to you for whatever it is you are sharing! This is as cool as it gets people! Get this and remember, get that first OTO too. The second one, well I'd skip, I did, but the 1st one is great!! 

See you on the mobile phone I hope!! Take care and BUY THIS THING!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Effortless Email Prospecting Service No Selling Just Results!#localconsultingtips#emailsalestips

Effortless Email Prospecting Service No Selling Just Results!

So you hate rejection as much as the next person right? I mean knocking on doors, or calling on the phone and getting rejected isn't your idea of spending a perfect day I would guess, correct?

Well Luther Landro doesn't think so either so he has come up with this great method authoring these emails that sell themselves to local businesses! You are shown by Luther these really simple google hacks that find local businesses who already need the service that you are going to pitch. So then, he has spent a ton of time and effort wording these emails so you aren't selling, you are pointing it out and telling them you can help them, but it is done in such a way that you aren't pushy or annoying or whatever, but what happens is it psychologically hits the correct triggers to these owners and then the owner is picking up the phone and calling you! Wow, talk about refreshing!#localbusinessleads

 Luther is getting about a 50% return call rate, and he is sending out about 6 or 7 emails a day. Between the google hacks and research you have to do, this takes about an hour a day.  An hour a day and you are landing clients that are giving you jobs that are generally thousands of dollars! This method sounds crazy but it works and it really is extremely simple. A little research, you copy and paste his templates he gives you, and you wait for the owner to cal you! How cool is that?
This method might be hard to believe but I can attest along with Luther's Sales page this works, and it works better than you can ever imagine! The other thing is, he gives you 60 days to land 3 clients that pay you $5,000 or more or you get your money back!!! I don't know about you, but that it backing your STUFF up! If you are willing to put in the hour a day, and with my help, which I'll be happy to give you, this will work and you will be laughing all the way to the bank because it gets better! All of the jobs can be outsourced for pennies on the dollar!! You don't even have to touch it!! I mean who wouldn't try this? You'd have to be insane to risk $27 plus the OTO's to take in $5,$10,$15,000 per week!!!! right? Well I think you would, you have to give this a try! If you need a push, I'll push you, if you need help, I'm here! I'm telling you, try it and you are going to be amazed at the success rate! This is serious money we are talking about and much of it, rolls into recurring payments! This is a darn good way to make a very, very, lucrative living!! So just watch my video! The link to the Sales Page is right in the video, so click on the link in the video and take a flyer on this! Contact me when you do, and we will get going with this right away! You are staring at a very nice six figure business and more if you really want to drive this method! It is possible, I know it is! Here's the video!

Get this method. It is your key to freedom! It really is!

This is no hard selling, no auto responders, no websites, no technical skills! All you need to do is a little research, a rolodex with dependable outsourcers and the will to make a boat load of money!

Do you have that? I sure hope you do, because that is what you are getting handed to you on a silver platter! Not only that but I promise I'll help you in anyway I can! What does that mean? Just what I said. You are getting someone who owned a $37 million business for over 17 years! I know I can assist you with this. Nobody else is offering this type of hands on bonus, I know believe me.

So take a shot at this, you won't fail unless you don't put the hour a day in! It's that simple. Go for it. You won't regret it that's for sure!
Here is the link 1 more time. It's your time, make it your time, make the money you always dreamed of. Be a success. It isn't hard, it just takes determination and a system. The system is all here, now it's just up to you. What are you going to choose?


You can do this! I know you can!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8 Minute Profits Review $283.03 Per Day Guaranteed!

8 Minute Profits Review $283.03 Per Day Guaranteed!

THIS Is my second post for 8 Minute Profits Review! This program is been such a hit, I had to add a short video and give you a chance to purchase this course before it goes up to $97! 

Watch the video right below and click on the link in the video! Buy This product it is by far the number 1 seller I believe this year on Warrior Plus! The link is in the video that goes right to the sales page! Make sure you consider the OTO's!! This is the real deal, and you will make money, people are seeing amazing results with this!! That's all I can say, BUY IT and finally make a profit on the internet!

This is something that finally breaks through all the stuff that most product creator's leave out! This is step by step and over their shoulder. Just follow along and you will succeed!!


8 Minute Profits Review $283.03 Per Day Guaranteed is an amazing course based on a real case study. Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick the creator's have come up with a course using free traffic that is a step by step over the shoulder training that is really quite amazing! They have left nothing out and believe it or not, this thing actually works!

I imagine that's why they just won Deal of The Week on Warrior Plus! They have managed to sell over 2,000 copies of this and presently have less than a 1% refund rate! Those are pretty earth shattering numbers. Because of the nature of the course being a complete case study, you simply follow along, copy and paste where they tell you to, and utilize the traffic they tell you to promote this to, and this is converting like crazy!

Please take a quick look at my youtube review below. The link is right in there for your convenience, so just click on it and you will get to their sales page which gives you a run down of what this is all about! I am very impressed with this, and believe me I can be extremely skeptical. Not this time. Take a look here. Get this course, you will be astounded how simple they have made this!


This course is for anyone. If you can't follow along with this, I just don't know what to tell you! 8 Minute Profits works and if you have the extra $54 to buy the OTO's, buy them! You will no doubt exceed the income claims within the first 3 or 4 days! I mean making almost $2100 per week with free traffic and 8 minutes of setup is incredible, and I know for a fact you will exceed that if you buy the OTO's! This is as sure a thing that I have seen. There isn't 1 part where you would think to yourself this is bologna! It makes sense and when you see it you will be even more impressed! The link is below: Remember this method is fast and works!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Arbitrage SugarDaddy Review And Bonuses!#guaranteedarbitragemethod

Arbitrage SugarDaddy Review And Bonuses!#easyarbitragemethod


Arbitrage SugarDaddy Review and Bonuses, is probably one of the best systems I have come across in the last few months, that will actually make you money. I have thoroughly gone through this course and have found it to be incredibly user friendly and the ease of use is simply incredible. This is Arbitrage of a different color, if you will. It is basically a "done for you" system that hands you 5 different jobs, covered over a 6 step video course. Where you watch , "over the shoulder" on how you master these jobs, set them up through a platform called Upwork, which is FREE to join, and wait for people looking for these jobs to hire you. 

This is where it gets interesting. These 5 jobs pay anywhere from $50-$500 per pop, and they are all in extremely high demand. So, when you get an order, you basically digitally deliver the order to the customer and some of them take a total of 5 minutes to complete the whole task! You don't need prior skills, SEO, PPC, a Website, or any special guru style education or knowledge. As long as you follow the training, you will deliver exactly what the customer is looking for and collect your money immediately. Sounds simple, right? That is because it is. Absolutely anyone can do this and make a solid $200-$300 without any real heartburn. The beauty is you can scale this into a very lucrative business and turn it very quickly into a 7 figure business. My estimate would be approximately 3-5 months to get o those levels, but in the meantime, making $1400-$2000 per week most likely after 10-14 days isn't a bad start.

The OTO's are well worth the investment. The 1st one offered after the front end sales page to Arbitrage SugarDaddy is $67, there is a Downsell that is $33.50, it obviously gives you half of the upsell. Anyway, it gives you 5 more "done for you" jobs that again, are in high demand and compliment the front end offer perfectly. If you can't afford the $67, I urge you to get the downsell. You will make the investment back in 1 job! Do not be short sighted here. This program works and the more you have to offer the faster you are going to earn and grow! Here is my Youtube review, below. The link witin the video is live within the video so just click on it to get you to their Front End Sales Page anytime(although I would prefer you watch the whole thing, it is only 5 minutes and 27 seconds).  So here it is. BUY THIS COURSE!

What do you think? If you cannot make at least $100 a day with this program, you are doing something drastically wrong. These guys took 100 beta testers and ran them through this method. Every single student made $50-$500 per day during the testing period. The 2nd OTO is just more solid proof. It is made up of several more Case studies of people who had zero experience and again follow them over the shoulder and watch them churn out $100,$200, even $500 days over and over again! This is solid, real proof of a system that makes you money. It is literally; watch the videos, copy and paste the steps, plug and play, then see the orders come in. I just don't know how much simpler this can get.

This has clearly been broken down into as simple a process as anyone could have done and it is selling like crazy. But don't worry about this because this has NO chance of becoming saturated. Jump on this offer and just dive right into the training. You will be making money within 24-48 hours! I am adding my bonuses also, which you can't find anywhere else. They will be immediately delivered to you as soon as you notify me where to send them with a copy of your Paypal Receipt. Again, you don't just get the bonuses, I treat everyone that buys from me, as a business partner and I make every effort to make myself available,that's a PROMISE!!#topmoneymakingideas

 So that's about all I have to say about this. This is my Arbitrage SugarDaddy Review and Bonuses. If you want to start making money get this course! Oh, it does have a 30 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. Right now the refund rate is less than 1%, which is very impressive. Here is the link 1 more time! This course is going to keep creeping up in price so the longer you wait the more you are going to pay, so don't procrastinate, ACT!


Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this entry. I am sure when you buy this, you will be glad you did, however you got here!

Please sign up for my email list, for special offers and some really cool free stuff, that I only send to people on my list! Believe me, what I send is always valuable, and I don't send you 5 things a week, it might be something every 7-10 days on average. Just a little FYI. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I would appreciate that too! But most importantly,
BUY Arbitrage SugarDaddy from My Link!! You will finally realize your first $100 day on the internet!!!!



Sunday, August 14, 2016

FLIPP ME REAL REVIEW AND BONUSES!!#easyarbitragemethods#buylowsellhigh


Arbitrage is a real business. always has been , always will be. I was taking a look over at the Warrior Plus Forum this afternoon, just to see what has been selling and what hasn't been.

As with any platform, there is a lot of repetition and retreaded slop out there to wade through. Once in a while something will surprise me and this just did!

I did a review on Art Flair's course, Flipp Me which is below. Now most of these releases last about a week and slip into oblivion. Some of them certainly should disappear but every once in awhile a course hangs around. Well this is one of those courses that has hung around and re entered the Top 10. I took a look back and have decided to release this review again, because it is definitely worth taking a good hard look at again. This is a solid method, and one that actually when put to the test, works exactly the way it should, if you read this course and follow Art's instructions. 

If you are hell bent on making money online, this course can certainly make you some and has the capacity to scale, which means you can really turn this into a real money maker. Apparently a lot of other people hav figured it out also and this thing is selling like crazy again. I think if you are still searching for a way to earn a solid income that is based on real business methods and you are prepared to actually learn his course, you will most likely wind up with a nice little business you are running, that can turn you a very healthy profit for a long time to come! Here is the link again, and I highly recommend you check this out and consider purchasing this course! All of my bonuses are still ready to be sent to you, and I think you are going to be extremely happy if you do decide to be smart about this, and give this course a go! Make sure you watch my video! Here's the link, BUY IT NOW! You won't be disappointed! Honest!


Easy Arbitrage Methods, finally revealed in a course that is crystal clear to follow and extremely simple!! If you are not familiar with arbitrage, there really is only one way to explain it! BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! That's it, in a nutshell.

You find high demand products, you find a place or site that is selling them for well below the average retail price, you mark it up by 4,5, maybe evn 6 Times and you keep the profits!! This is EASY people! Anybody, and I mean, ANYBODY can do this with ease! It really is a fantastic way to earn money. If you can think of an easier way, let me know! I can't really think of 1???!


So, I shot this video to tell everyone what this method entails. It's really not much! I will tell you that the creator found 2 websites that are perfect for this method to work though! I commend him for being so resourceful and creative!

Both of these sites are PERFECT for what he is teaching. So he gets an extra hand or two for coming up with a very clever method!! Anyway, here is my review! All the links that pop up within the video are clickable so when you have seen enough, just click on te link and get to BUYING this FLIPP ME course. I highly recommend the OTO's too! You are going to make a ton more money, that much sooner, really! It is that simple. If you can't do this?? I think you better put down the computer and focus on something WAAAAAY different!!!
But something tells me, you are l going to be just fine!! Here we go; SHHHHHHH watch the video!! LOL.


Call it a sleeper, call it whatever you want! Just get it and apply the method!

So what do you think??? Do you think you can make money with this? What are your concerns?? How can you see that you wouldn't make money following this method?? If you can answer any of these in a rational manner I can tell you right now, YOU ARE SCARY THE EVER LIVING S#$T OUT OF ME!!! haha.

Anyway, in case you missed the link in the video? I can't even see that, but in case, here it is again!!


So, you will get this fantastic course. Please get at least one of the OTO's!!! Then send your receipt from Paypal over to me, and I will send you a few other ways that nobody else is teaching, on how to make even more money doing arbitrage!! That's a promise!!

also, thanks for watching and reading the review. I know you are going ot get a whole lot of value out of this course! Please subscribe to my You Tube channel and leave your email address for me, so I can send you real, relevant information from time to time!

Believe me I will never bombard you with offer, after offer like every other , "internet marketer " does. Just not my style!!!

Again thanks for reading and please take action!! You deserve it!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

One Of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!#productlaunchadvice#do'sanddon'tsforproductcreators

One Of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!

So there are 100's of internet marketing product creators out there. My poison most of the time is Warrior Plus. They are generally well priced, pretty well made and there is a general aptitude that most members of that site have enjoyed some relative success producing a sales funnel that has 2 to 3 products that are well written and the sales copy is well above average.

The 1 thing I am dumb founded about is the continual mistakes these people make when setting up their funnels. There is the old trick that if a customer tries to get out of the front end, a pop up discount comes up! What? One of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!

Take the products I just reviewed in the last few days. Both worthy of a look and certainly neither is going to break the bank if you decide to buy them. 

Most of them even work if you follow them like you said unless you, like 85% of everyone that buys these things looks through them, either asks for a refund or better yet, they just kind of gloss through them and kind of let them drift the $7 front end product they bought into the empty chasm of the device you are using. The dust that's collecting on all the products you have purchased over the tears, because for some reason you never follow through!!

Well recently I have run into another disturbing, sophomoric practice that is really starting to irk me. That is the 50% discount on the front end product you are thinking of buying. You know you try to leave the page and you start to opt out and you get the "Don't leave This page" message! They turn around and  give  you a 50% discount on their $6.95 product. So you feel bad, you reconsider and you end up buying the front end, discount. Oh well, all well and good, you saved $3 on a $7 product! Yipee!#donotleavemoneyonthetable

Here's where this stuff drives me nuts! Ok you got them to buy the front end, and the freakin offer goes right to the Paypal page and thank you for your purchase page. Then you get a notification that here is where you enter the info and you get a "here's where you can access your purchase!! WHAT??????

What the hell happened to the rest of the funnel? No that's gone! You aren't even offered any of the OTO's!! What the hell does that tell you? The product creator has given up on his own funnel and he's taking the measly front end offer and running! Come on, have a little faith in what you created will ya? I mean often times the real meat is in the OTO's Anyway. The done for you campaigns, the accelerators that actually put you in a position to make money faster, etc... Why the hell are you abandoning them??? Bad business, that's why!!#howtomaximizeyoursalesfunnel

Let me tell you, this has happened to me to just not the newer bunch of product creators either, it has happened with some of the more "big name" reputable marketer's on the Warrioir Plus Platform. Why? Have they gone to some stupid, conversion summit that has told them some goofy metric that says 80% of discount buyers will not consider your OTO's? Well hooey to that! Keep the damn funnel in place and make sure its connected to the downsells!!!

Even the OTO downsells. If you have a customer who buys the first OTO, but its the downsell, why wouldn't you show them the premium priced 2nd OTO first? You should because you never know! Sometimes statistics just BLOCK success. I say screw statistics, swing for the fence everytime. If you just go to the downsell, that leaves you nowhere else to go if they opt out!! Are you getting this?#howtomaximizeaproductlaunch

Well it tells me, you don't give a crap about the customer, you have them on your email list and you'll get em next time right?  WRONG!!

There is no way in hell they shouldn't be shown the OTO's! You are leaving massive amounts of money to be made on the table. There is NO reason the funnel should be turned off because they went for the discounted front end!

People like me who have reveiwed the product, often times put that information into the review to save their customers a little bit of money on the front end! Who's to say they won't turn around and purchase a valuable OTO?

So the morale of the story is, if you are a product creator, make sure no matter what that front end offer is purchased for, keep that funnel in place! You are not only sending a bad message to your buyers you are leaving massive amounts of commissions on the table for you and your affiliates! Why?

This is just a little pet peeve I have that is becoming more and more prevalent over the last year. I personally don't want to put the effort into this type of promotion because it certainly is not worth the effort I put into promoting your product, if there is no backend!

So product creator's! Keep your links attached to your front end product, and hope for the best. Chances are you will make a lot more money by adopting this technique than the other way. You are setting yourself up to fail before you begin!

That's just my opinion but I hope you take it to heart, and make sure from now on, you keep your sales funnel intact, no matter what the buying actions of your customers. You will find you have maximized your profitability on the launch, and you definitely will thank me for this quick little lesson down the road!

Thank for reading. Please join my list. The sign up form is below. I will be publishing some great information to my list that I won't be making available on this blog. It will be value driven and full of little tips, you normally wouldn't know about if you are just following my blog! Take care for now!


P.S. Nothing to sell here, just a little advice to product creators! I hope you take my advice. I contacted one, who is an acquaintance of mine. His answer was, "oh good point, we are going to have to consider that on our next launch". HUH?
Anyway, good luck with his business. Try running a real business that way and see where it gets you? Please Sign up below!!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Video Spinn Review Look At This Before You Buy!#videomarketingtools#videomethodsforsmallbusiness

Video Spinn Review!



Video Spinn by Anthony Aires is one of the easiest and best ways to manipulate videos I have seen in quite awhile.

This is my honest Video Spinn Review!

Here is my video review and I don't want to tie you up with this long drawn out blog posts! This thing works everyone. If you are someone that has wanted to try local marketing, you could land customers left and right with this thing, because with about 4 clicks of your mouse you can ultimately end up with up to 100 different videos with different targeted keywords!! Think about that for an instant. Think of the amount of power you will get publishing say, 100 videos with different keywords for your local dentist or optometrist?


Well chances are a few of those keywords are going to rank. What does that mean?? That means that they are going to get leads off of the video someone just watched!! Simple right? Well not so fast, but there is power in numbers!! Oh just watch the video....

The Link to the Sales Page is right inside the video!! Buy it, it is well worth the $21-$22 bucks he's charging. Actually this course should be $247 all day long! So, here you go............. 

Sorry for the length but there is a lot to cover here! So to roll this up with a pretty bow. You can basically add, intros, outros, transitions, background music,images, video clips and then just quickly edit them and out comes 100 videos with different targeted keywords! I mean do you know how long that would take you to do manually?? DAYS!!! This is done in about 30 seconds! So just for that feature right there, the course is worth the money. Then you start looking at how many of those hundred might hit a really great keyword that hasn't been uncovered and boom you start getting all of this traffic! That's why I think it could be great if you are a local marketer trying to get a business noticed, or an affiliate marketer trying to promote a product or hey!!!!! Even a guy on YouTube like me making 1 review video for this product and turn it into 100 review videos with different keywords!! So here's the link again;


This is a great, easy to use, program that has a very short learning curve and a lot of different applications! Like I said in the video, you can use this to be a local business video consultant, use it on physical products, on SaaS promotions, whatever you are trying to get traffic to! This is a fantastic and affordable way to do all of that and more!

As a matter of fact, I want to start a small group of people that buys this course and make it a mastermind group, just to brainstorm about all the uses this really has! Believe me, I am ahead of you! I already have 9 ways to make money with this product. There are not many products you can say that about!! Right? So here is the link once more. This is YOUR LAST CHANCE!!


How many people want to be in this group with me? We have to limit it. Let's say I am going to cut it off at......

20. So the first 20 people that send me their Paypal receipts will be included in the mastermind group. Hey don't scoff at this either. You know how many people get wealthy from being in the right mastermind group?? A LOT!!#howtorankvideos

So that's it from here! I will keep people posted when and if the group fills up! I certainly hope it does because I think this is a great product for it!!

So hopefully, see you on the other side!! In the Mastermind Group!! Now that is an exclusive type of bonus!!! Take care,


P.S. I was just giving this mastermind some thought. I just spoke to a friend of mine and we discussed this idea. I have decided to limit it to 20 people still but only the people who are serious about doing it which means you have to purchase at least the first 2 OTO's to be considered. It would be nice to have everyone buy all 3 OTO's I just don't know if we will get there. I hope so but I think this is a reasonable request. So that's the scoop on that. Over and out!! For Now!!

Bing Your Ads Review and Exclusive Bonuses!#cheaptargetedads#undergroundadvertisingplatform

Bing Your Ads Review and Exclusive Bonuses!

Look Facebook Ads are dead! Forget about them, you missed the boat. They are expensive, complicated (have you read all the rules and terms of service??), and pretty saturated! They are for the big budget internet marketers!

That's why you see Frank Kern on there everyday, he's spending about $300,000 per month on Facebook Ads. Is he making money? Sure, but he has to spend $300k to make $600k! Now that is nothing to stick your nose up at. But I don't know many people getting involved in internet marketing that have $300k a month lying around to throw at a high end coaching program! Right?

Well Bing is your answer! They are cheap, very simple to set up, are wide open to target key words that would cost you a ton on other ad platforms and here's the part I liked. They get 6.2 million searches a month! That is plenty of people searching for something you are going to be promoting! \

The other thing is you only need to start with $5! Now I KNOW A FEW OF THOSE PEOPLE!! haha.

Take a look at my video review! As always there is a link that you can click to get to the Sales Page! Let me tell you something. This traffic converts and you will see results with this method! Check out my review and make sure you listen to the OTO's especially the "bulk traffic" that Frank buys and he gets you in on it. So you get terrific Bing targeted traffic plus you belong to Frank's bulk traffic exchange so you are getting 2 great sources viewing what you are promoting!!
You almost have to make money!


So there you have it!! This will work for you, because of the affordability, ease of use and people haven't really jumped on the Bing bandwagon! So get in it on it now!! Don't wait around. I mean people can tell you that free traffic is the way to go, and hey I have done my share of that. But let me tell you.... It is SOOOOO much easier selling things to people who are actually looking for something like you are offering! You know free traffic sometimes you need like 5,000 hits to get 25 conversions and that is a great promotion! This method you are going to see something like, 300 clicks and 35 sales!! Which one would you pick??? This course is a winner! Pick it up now before the price goes up! 


Remember the OTO's are so helpful in this course because the first 1, he just gives you a campaign that makes $100-$200 a day on auto pilot! So why not? Every time you turn it on it makes that! Just that alone makes the whole thing worthwhile. But there is much more to it.

Jump on this offer now. You'll be making damn good money by Friday!! Grab it off this link and get my secret 500% ROI trick plus 2 amazing Advertising tips books that make converting customers a breeze!! Written by some of the best specialists ever! A $650 Value!! Go for it!!


See you in the Bing Ad pages!!

Thanks for watching and following!! I appreciate it!!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pool Side Profits Review#laptoplifestyle#affiliatemarketing

Pool Side Profit Review

When I went to start to write about Pool Side Profits Review, I decided to take a little bit of a different approach to my usual way I write these things.

Well because if anyone thinks they are going to spend $10 on a pdf or 5 part video course and make $100,000 per year, they should be put in a straight jacket and told that it might be time to get a grip on reality!#workfromhome

I got news for ya. It ain't gonna happen! OK? OK. Pheww. There now that that's out of the way, let's talk a little about what Pool Side Profits Review is?

This is a solid piece of work by a good guy, who has figured out that not pulling punches, telling the truth and being as thorough as humanly possible, pays off most of the time. That is just what we have here.#guaranteedmoneymakingformula

Bill Hugall a former, struggling construction worker determined he wanted to get ahead several years ago and it wasn't with a bobcat or a tool belt and some nails. He has done his homework, put the time in and has learned how to market himself as well as teach people how to set up systems that work. That's exactly what you get with Pool Side Profits. A system that is solid and it works, IF you put it to use. It is based on free traffic and that is always a good thing. He uses free traffic and the way he leverages this traffic is smart marketing. Because it is smart marketing the free traffic actually buys stuff, so he makes a living at it. Just like you could, just like I could. The question is, do you want to do it, and if you do, how far are you willing to take it? If your answer really is, as far as I can, you will eventually make a good living following his lead. Why? Because again, the stuff he is teaching in this course is based on solid business practices and good marketing techniques. So if you think you can follow along and do what he shows you, which pretty much is anyone, then buy this course!!

I have 3 words for this course, solid, solid, solid.

The OTO's take this course farther and it is well worth the money he is asking.
It definitely will get you further down the road and closer to making money faster. I would personally say, the OTO's are some of the better one's I have seen offered attached to a course in the last six months anyway. So, if you are serious about making money, buy them, you will make money with them.

Here is my short video review about the course, and I would appreciate it if you watched it, it is only a little over 4 minutes long and will give you my personal opinion after reviewing the course and actually having Bill as a friend on Facebook (full disclosure here!) I think you could spend your money on a lot worse things and definitely on a lot worse internet marketing baloney that's out there! No baloney here, just plenty of red meat, now you sharpen the knife cut it up and consume it!! That's what this comes down to, because the method is bullet proof. So take a look, go ahead, it may help;

So there you have it!! I think I have made my point and if I haven't, I'm sorry I've done Bill a disservice because this course deserves to be out there and to be bought! The reason is, it is a good solid piece of teaching!!After all when it comes right down to it, that's ALL this is! TEACHING. There is a big difference between good teaching and bad teaching. That is all you can do really. Bill has become a very, very good teacher, so you are not wasting your money and you are definitely not wasting your time on this.#affiliatemarketingcourses

So, there you have it. My honest, real, Pool Side Profits Review! If you buy from my link I have some unannounced bonuses. I shouldn't have to mention it but I am always available to help you! I mean it. On a few previous posts which by the way, if you don't like this program there are some below that are very good, but my point is they have a sign up form also! So sign up because you WILL get some very interesting information and maybe a product or 2 of my own that I sell to a select few people for $37, $99 and $299. Anyway, I digress!

My bonuses are a pretty good size zip file full of some really great teaching courses on everything from affiliate marketing to Youtube marketing. Sort of an encyclopedia if you will of the different facets of internet marketing! The value is $499!! So if you buy through my link, send over your Paypal receipt and I will send you out that bonus, which is awesome!

Thank you for reading, viewing and continuing to follow this blog. I appreciate it more than you know! Bye for now.