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How To Cash In On The Mobile Revolution! Instant Mobile Magnet Is Live!#mobilemarketing#mobileapps#freetraffic#makemoneywithmobile

Ever Wonder, How To Cash In On The Mobile Revolution? Instant Mobile Magnet Is Live!

All I have to say is WOW!! James Renouf has made quite a name for himself over the past 3 or 4 years on the Warrior Forum and Warrior Plus.#instantmobilemagnet

Check Out This Video I Made To Clarify This Method!


  He is the go to guy for all out of the box methods to get massive traffic, uncovers new untapped websites and comes up with, "not your ordinary" internet marketing courses.#mobilemarketing

I have been buying James' products for over 3 years going back to his Crypto-Currency days. When no one even knew what the hell a Bitcoin or Dogecoin was!! He is definitely a trailblazer. Well today he has just released what I think is his best product in at least 2 years. Not to take away from his other launches, its just this is so timely and extremely simple!!#jamesrenouf

He is targeting the mobile revolution, in particular a FREE mobile App that if done correctly, can drive millions of hungry buyers to your offers, products, websites or whatever else you are trying to do on the internet! This is mind blowing! The launch is called Instant Mobile Magnet, and it is just that. It is THE way to cash in on the mobile revolution!

You can literally be up and making money, building lists and driving huge amounts of free traffic to whatever you choose within minutes of reading this no-fluff report. Also, a great touch, within the pdf, every word that is spelled video is a clickable link, with video tutorials. A really neat touch, and the training to the point and very easy to follow! This is on a dime sale so it goes up on every sale! Go to the link below to check this out! It is selling like crazy right now, so get in now, while the price is hovering around $10 bucks.


I want to be 100% transparent here. Below are screenshots of my purchase of this course! I want you all to know that I don't ever promote anything I haven't bought or gotten a review copy of, AND TESTED!! Take a look!

Sales Receipt
mobile app course

So as you can see, I bought the course and the OTO! There is another OTO for $9.99 but it is to a Private Facebook Group and I DO NOT recommend that! I just can't see paying for a Facebook Group, that kind of pissed me off to tell you the truth, but hey, I'll let it go because the course and methods are brilliant! This works everyone. It works really well! The other thing is, it works in any niche!!

Even the most saturated ones like, making money at home, weight loss, and internet marketing! There are a ton of people that will come to you asking for the links!! I have never seen anything like this, and that's saying something!

The 1st OTO is well worth the $17 price tag. It is a detailed list of all the keywords, James and his partners are using right now, to drive millions of viewers to their offers! Plus you get access to an exclusive; INFORMATION ONLY WEBINAR. This is only available for people who purchase the OTO, and it is guaranteed to contain even more, "ninja" tactics to boost your earnings. #freetraffic

So for the money, I would really recommend this! You are in for $27-$30, again DO NOT buy the 2nd OTO, and you will be making money at this extremely quickly! Take a look at the Sales letter. This is not B.S., remember I bought this and have already tried it out. This is very real. Oh here's the link again, if you just want to purchase it now. It is going up every sale!!#affiliatemarketing


instant mobile magnet,jamesrenouf

So as you can see, it says, if you can follow a simple template of 10 words, keep reading!
It really is that simple. You send out simple little keyword rich texts, I can't reveal the traffic source, because that is the twist, and BOOM, this is what you start seeing immediately! Check this out below!!

new launch of mobile apps

I sure wish there was a way to make this resolution better! Anyway, it is a bunch of people responding back, asking for links, more info etc...

This is pretty ground breaking. If you want to make money for free, this course is definitely for you! I am also doing a video review, which will be below too. If you have zero technical skills, you can do this!
If you are an affiliate marketer? This is like a dream come true!! No more solo ads, no more facebook ads, this is instant traffic, and instant engagement! You almost have to not want to make money, honestly!

This gets 5 STARS!! The best and most innovative course I have seen, probably since my review of $300 CPA Everyday, or the Cameron and Mario course on selling SEO services to businesses. In fact, it is easier than both of those, and those 2 courses are awesome!! Here's the link once again!! Buy it, and I highly recommend the 1st OTO!  Buy it, you will be shocked!!

Yes! I Want To Purchase Instant Mobile Magnet!!

The video will probably be the first thing on this page, or it may be right here, but watch it too. Do yourself a favor and purchase this. You will finally make money, in any niche you can possibly think of!! 
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Joe Leary

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Blogging Strategies! Speedblogging Plus Bridge Pages Review And Bonus!#learntoblog#howtostartablog#makemoneyblogging

New Blogging Strategies! Speedblogging Plus Bridge Pages Review And Bonus!

Are you a blogger?#johnchow

Are you constantly struggling trying to come up with original, interesting content?#contentmarketing

Do you spend hours and hours researching for your next blog post, hoping it will get read and shared?

Well let me tell you, your prayers have been answered!#chrisrecord

Introducing - Speedblogging and Bridge Pages by Chris Record!

This is simply an amazing course, that solves so many problems my head is spinning. Not only does this course give you a browser based solution to finding content and blogging, you also get a thing Chris calls Bridge Pages.

Bridge Pages is a combination of ClickFunnels, by Russell Brunson and LeadPages! Both of them are recurring monthly subscriptions. Both allow you to create, stunning Squeeze Pages, Salespages and Landing Pages.

Well Bridge Pages does the same thing and it is easier and Waaaaay cheaper than either of those two mentioned above!#russellbrunson

This speedblogging thing that Chris has come up with is ingenious! You can now pick anything from anywhere on the internet and capture it, or do just about anything else and it is browser based so there is no software and it works on any device!! Go here now and check out the Salespage:

Start Your 7 Day Trial For $1! Instant Access!

This is the Salespage where Chris Explains it All!

 He is offering a 7 day Trial for $1! This let's you take the whole system for a spin and test out all of the powerful features with little or really no risk!

There is also a chance to win tickets to Chris' exclusive event that normally costs $475 per person! 

Here is my YouTube Review from a Google Hangout I just posted. This is a fantastic resource and the Bridge Pages is really cool!#landingpagesoftware

So there you have it! $1 for a 7 Day Trial? Plus there is an additional 30 day money back guarantee! Go here now and test drive this out, you will be pleased at the very least. I highly recommend this.

Yes Start My 7 Day Trial For $1!! Click Right Here!

Here is another screenshot from the Salespage! 


As you can see, you get this great looking software to create landing pages, squeeze pages and Salespages! For me this is a complete slam dunk!

Plus you have the chance to get 2 FREE tickets to Create, Capture, Convert! Which is Chris Records live training, where he goes one on one with you and teaches you all kinds of tips and tricks to help you succeed! This is a $950 value + when you purchase from my link, my special Blogging PDF Series worth another $149. All for $1. 

So that's it for now, but as every experienced internet marketer will tell you, you should have at least 1 blog! Then you should be sending all of your traffic through that blog, to succeed!#mattbacak#frankkern

So here is the link 1 more time for you procrastinator's! LOL. C'mon it is only $1. Try it out, this will make you money over the long and short term! 

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channnel! It just passed 1,000 views, which for me is pretty special! I'll talk with you soon. Also subscribe to my email list at the top right column of this blog.

You will get some real insider tips and information that I know you will find useful!!

That's it for now. Over and out!



Sunday, July 5, 2015

$300 CPA Everyday WSO Of The Week Review!#newcpamethods#whatiscpa#wsoreviews

$300 CPA Everyday WSO Of The Week Review!

This is it, if you are interested in CPA!

This course requires no product, no selling, no technical knowledge and No Paid Traffic!

That's right. It is a simple 4 step process that you combine with a 100% Free Traffic source that converts like crazy!!#cpainstantcash

This course was just awarded WSO of the week on theWarrior Forum and Plus! That is an accomplishment in itself since, there are literally hundreds of courses every week that get released!

I can tell you, this is a very simple method for making money, and it definitely works!! I tried it on the 4th of July! I made $235, and it took me about 45 minutes to set up! Check out the link below, but I'll give you a little hint..........
Watch the video on this page, BEFORE YOU DO! It is going to save you some $$$$$!!


new cpa method

This guy stumbled on this traffic source and that is the key!! He reveals the traffic source and then gives you his method in video and pdf form.

So there is a way to learn this either way, and let me tell you, it is super simple!
One of those things were you go, "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!"

Here Watch THis Video Review! I give you a few SECRETS so you can get the course and the OTO's For EVEN less money than they are charging!

Hey, that's what I do for my loyal follower's!! Plus I have a Bonus worth over $147 that is all related to CPA. So send over your receipts from Paypal to either;

So here's the video!

Here is the link AGAIN! 

Aren't you glad you watched the video????


Here is a little list of some other things on the Salespage if you want to keep reading??
I would just click the link above and buy this course as I have instructed you to do in my review video!!

But hey, that's just me!

Learn CPA
Remember you have until July 8th to get this DEEPLY Discounted price.
It Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is zero risk!#naidyphoon

I mean $7.00 for a course that can make a STEADY $300 per day + My Bonuses is a pretty darn good deal don't you think?

Here is the link again. Check out the page! Again this course won WSO Of The Week not just the Day! This is a great way to make really steady money, and you can scale it at NO COST!!#cpamarketing

Make 2 or 3 of these campaigns and you're making $800-$1200 per day!! That is really GREAT MONEY!!


Thank you for reading this post! 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Explaindio 2.0 Video Marketing's Next Generation Review!#videomarketing#businessvideomarketing#videomarketingsoftware


All I have to say is wow! How would you like to make professional looking explainer, tutorial, marketing or even sales videos in minutes?

Well you have come to the right place if your answer is yes!! Introducing EXPLAINDIO 2.0.
The most successful video software ever released has just come out with a new and improved version!#effectiveadvertising

The creator's have taken an already great software and made it more powerful, more intuitive and absolutely easier to use! You can virtually create a stunning video in three minutes!! It works on both Mac and Windows, so anyone can access this amazing product.#joshzumora

video marketing software
The Most Popular Video Software Ever, Just got Better!!

 I just did a Google Hangout Review on this product, and I am including it below. Here is the link if you just want to go to the Salespage!

Just Click On The Blue Play Button Below! Watch the hangout video until the end. There is a link you can click on, as the video ends to get to the Salespage! 
Check it out below. Here is my Hangout review!

That's my review and as I said, this software and my Special Bonuses, are the best deal you are going to get on this! This is really in a launch price and I have heard it is going to skyrocket after July 5th! I don't doubt it either because this product is selling like crazy, and will continue to sell at 5 times the launch pricing! It is that good!

Here is the link again below, just so you don't have to jump off onto my YouTube Channel!


Here are some of the amazing new features. As you can see, there is nothing on the market that does what this software can do. Everyone from Joey Xoto to Matt Bush and everyone in between is backing this product! Take a look at some of the Improvements and features!#internetadvertising

online video marketing
These are just a few of the new features!     
This comes with an iron clad money back guarantee, so test drive it! If it is not what I and the creator's say it is, return it! But I can tell you, the first version which sold over 20,000 copies had a 1% refund rate.

That tells you, the product is the real deal!! This gets anyone into video marketing. It combines all the features of all of the other video software available and outperforms them! There really is no other choice, and if you aren't doing video for your business or your marketing, promotions, blogs whatever, you are missing the boat!!#howtoadvertiseyourbusiness

Get Explaindio Pro 2.0 from this link, send me your Paypal receipt either through my hotmail account at

I will immediately send you over my amazing Graphics pack with over 2500 stunning graphics! It is like having a full time graphic designer on your hard drive!
Hey if you have been following me at all, you know I just don't promote product after product.

I only promote the things that work and I have tested. This is THE BEST VIDEO CREATION SOFTWARE ON THE PLANET! Get it now, before the price goes up, and secure my graphics pack plus some even more unannounced bonuses, when you buy from me!

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OK, so here is the link 1 last time! Get it now and make sure you let me know so you can take advantage of my bonuses! Thank you for reading and considering buying from me.
It means a lot to me and I really do appreciate it! Avoid The Price Increase on July 5th!!

Give Me Access To The Discounted Price!!

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