Sunday, March 29, 2015

Real Review Covert Commissions Exposed!#


Real Review Covert Commissions Exposed! 

Hi Everyone,

This is a much more in depth review of a program that is brand new called Covert Commissions. IM Wealth Builders is a product creation group that is known to launch products that are easy to use and they flat out work!#affiliatemarketing

The review above is an honest assessment of what to expect when you purchase this program. You do not have to have any experience, you do not need hosting, a website, an auto responder. There really is zero learning curve.#easiestprogramfornewbies

  Get it here now, and don't forget to send me over your receipt! I will then forward you over $300 worth of my special bonuses.#newbizopps

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Covert Commissions Exposed!

Let me be clear. Exposed is meant in a good way for a change. This is far from a scam or one of those crazy methods that are dreamed up to just take people's hard earned money.


You only need to do 2 things!

Get a Clickbank ID #, it takes 3 minutes, and a JVZoo Affiliate ID, that takes maybe 10 minutes. You virtually plug those 2 ID's into your dashboard, pick from a ton of products you want to promote, in all kinds of niches, from Make money online to dating, to fitness, dieting etc..#bestnewmoneymakingprogram


That's it! Then Covert Commissions sets up your Squeeze page, Your Free Gift(giveaway to build your list), thank you pages, which have MORE ads on them, so people have the opportunity to buy there too. Then they set up a professional email marketing campaign, and everything has your affiliate links in it!#covertcommissions

This is one of the best turnkey packages I have ever seen. They have everything covered. You even get a master mind traffic course that is taught by one of the top 3 traffic experts in Internet Marketing. My Real Review Covert Commissions is simple, buy it! You will get your money back and then some during the first week to ten days, as long as you take 30 minutes to set the whole thing up! Click the link below to get this and start making money by the end of this week!#homebizopps

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I can only hope that if you are serious about making money from home, that you give this a try! It comes with my highest recommendation.

Thank you for reading & watching.

There is a huge product launch coming up April 2nd, that I am preparing for, so I'll be seeing you by then. It is a completely different launch than this one, but equally effective, just more of a selling physical products to people. Don't wait for that though. Get this program now, and you can buy this other product on April 2nd with the profits you will be making with this!


 That's no joke. You should have multiple streams of income online! So this program above is your ticket to real income! Get it now, while it is still priced at the launch level.#fastmoney

It will be increasing on Monday at Midnight!!


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Don't forget to email me your receipt! I'll send you my bonuses worth over $300.

Until next time.

Joe Leary

The Honest Internet Reviewer. 




Saturday, March 28, 2015

Covert Commissions The Truth Revealed & Reviewed!#bestnewaffiliatemarketingprogram#makemoneyfast

Covert Commissions The Truth Revealed & Reviewed!

Hi Everyone,

It is here! 
Yup, the course that can guarantee you make money and they back it up with a 45 day guarantee!
How can you lose? Covert Commissions works, I can't stress this enough!
Please watch the video below that I made on the fly. I really was so impressed with this, I had to just get it out there to you! #affiliatemarketing
I think you would rather be making money, than watching some fancy smancy produced review of some dumb assed product!#earneasymoney
This is my honest review! Please watch it ........

Covert Commissions The Truth Revealed & Reviewed!

So you have seen the video, if you want to make money within a very short period of time, Click Here! Covert Commissions Is Yours!! 

I really have gone through the whole course and it is a turnkey way of almost anyone walking into Internet marketing and probably making money within a few short days!!
Covert Commissions is a course that will help anyone, there is no learning curve. There isn't any technical knowledge you need!

That's the beauty of this, you can literally pick a few offers, niches you like and boom, you are on your way!

Not only that. The team at Covert Commissions got one of the leading guys in internet marketing to teach everyone who joins, traffic generation! What else do you need ?

Well that's up to you. All I know is Covert Commissions will do what it says it will do. Go for it!

This gets 5 out of 5 Stars! It does what it says!! Plain & Simple!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ultimate Tube Monster Review!#naidyphoon#wordpressplugin#affiliatemarketing

My honest Review of Ultimate Tube Monster!

This new launch by Naidy Phoon is an easy to use Wordpress plug in, that let's you put Call To Action's, Opt-in Forms, html, or Banners right on your Youtube videos.
It also allows you to use ANY video, not just your own! This is a great way to monetize your Youtube videos very easily!#makemoneyonline
This gets a 10 out of 10 from me! It is a very useful, well thought out software. Get it now at this link below.#youtubesoftware
Click Here For Access To Ultimate Tube Monster!!

You will be able to make excellent commissions, perfect for any affiliate marketer!#NaidyPhoon
Watch my review above, as always I purchased this and it comes with a 30 back risk free Money Back Guarantee!
 Get it while the launch price is still available!! Great job Naidy! Ultimate Tube Monster.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ultimate Traffic Monster! Finally A System That Proves You Can Make $615 Per Day!!#cpamarketing#freetraffic#increaseconversions

Hi Everyone!

Here's my Honest Review of Ultimate Traffic Monster. A brand new cash sucking system by #NaidyPhoon.

If you are not familiar with him, you should be! His reputation is as good as anyone in the industry, and he usually concentrates on an area of affiliate marketing called CPA.#cpafornewbies

Now CPA is a term most of you should be familiar with, but for those that are new to this business, it stands for Cost Per Action. All this means is that you are promoting offers in which your customers are asked to take some sort of action, whether that is entering an email address or zip code, all the way up to signing up for a free trial, with their full name and address and credit card info. There are even some that require you to go further by actually booking a room t a hotel or plan a flight!#mikefrommaine

Anyway, that is just a quick little overview of CPA. The thing that immediately struck me about this course, was not the premise of CPA marketing, but Naidy's unwavering confidence in his training!
He backed it up on camera, successfully making over $600 in a 24 hour period, from scratch, and that my friend's is RARE!#affiliateprograms

He actually took a challenge and on video made over $615 within a 24 hour period, using these exact same methods in his Ultimate Traffic Monster course! Now, that is about as real as it gets! He wisely has included this Case Study, within the guts of this course. So you can literally, look over his shoulder, and copy him, step by step. This is powerful, because if it worked for him, and you do the same thing, it just makes sense, it will work for you!#earnquickcash

Show Me The Course For $7! 

The other thing is, the price! For the next 2 or 3 days, it is $7! That's right, $7. To make this offer really hard to pass up, is his 90 day(which is unheard of), 200% Guarantee! So if for any reason, you can't make this work(NOTE TO SELF: Try some other line of work), you are covered, not only by the guarantee, but he'll reimburse you Double what you paid!

Get Instant Access Here!

There are  2 OTO's. The first 1 is a automation plugin, so you can put the whole system on auto-pilot,AWESOME!#cpanetworks
It also includes 4 other bonuses which add up to over $2,000 worth of bonuses! There is a cheatsheet, an in depth niche tool and the biggest one of all, Naidy's personal email, where he promises you personal support, previously only available to his private coaching member's! He will make himself available to make sure you make money, and if you run into any problems, he will get you back on track! Pretty freakin cool! That is $47, I purchased this myself! See proof below;

I wish I could make this larger but, trust me, I bought it!
The other OTO is a paired down version, I think it is $17, but I didn't get that far, because I bought the more expensive upsell! So, let's take a look at the sales page, to see what you are actually getting!

This is some testimonials, and the guarantee! These 2 guys are pretty well known and respected internet marketer's.

These are bonuses attached to the $7 program! The last one is a private coaching lesson from Dean Holland, valued at $497. I mean what more can you ask for. This guy flat out delivers!#deanholland

Get The Course Here!

So, in conclusion, there is a lot to like about this product. I really can't find much wrong here. I think this is a smash it out of the ballpark course! One you learn his technique, he says you can set the whole thing up in 17 minutes!! Then sit back and watch your money come in! I don't know about you, but, making $600 bucks a day and you don't have to pay for the traffic is pretty damn appealing!
So, that's it for today people! As always, take action or you are going to be in the same place tomorrow as you are today! This course is a tremendous way, to make pretty serious money on a daily basis! FIVE STARS & THE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH AWARD from little old me!

Buy It Now, Here! 

Thanks for reading! If you buy it through this blog, I will give you 4 unannounced bonuses, including Reed Floren's WSO of the day on Affiliate Marketing and a $ 47 list building pdf, that are great additions to this course! Just send over your receipt of purchase and I will shoot you over these great free bonuses! Send them to with the Subject: UTM PURCHASE!
Thanks and have a great day!