Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Purchase Graphic Design Dashboard Here And Get My Super Bonus!#graphicdesigndashboardreview#makemoneyasagraphicdesigner#RobertPlankproductreview

Purchase Graphic Design Dashboard Here And Get My Super Bonus!

Graphic design dashboard is a brand new product by 2 of the most respected internet marketer's in this niche! The product is the brainchild of Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank. As a matter of fact to the right of this blog, I promote Paper Template, another product they created, an it blows away any other Wordpress plugin I have come across, and believe me, I have looked into a ton of them!

Anyway, check that out if you don't think you can build a wordpress site. Anyone can do it, with that product. So below is my video review of this fantastic new product that I purchased 3 days ago. As always, I NEVER review or recommend anything that I haven't thoroughly tested and usually bought! I very rarely receive a review copy! So I just don't promote everything that is hot! I promote things that I have made money using and feel it is worth my time, to tell others about it!#makemoneyonfiverr

Check out my review below!

Here is the link to purchase this product!


As I mentioned in the review, anyone can do this. you don't need a website, any previous skills, or even if you have never made money before! Below is a graphic from the Sales Page. You can see that this course comes with extensive training! As a matter of fact, it qualifies you for 4 different information only webinars to give you in depth tips on making even more money with this product!

graphic design dashboard salespage

This product is so simple because it comes with pre made templates. On the video above is a thumbnail I used from the sales page which shows you all the custom banner templates they have created for you. All you have to do is customize the words, maybe change the font(there are 600 fonts available to download with the program) and boom, you can charge for your custom designed banners.#easylogomaker

The program also shows you how to design logos, E books in 2-D and 3-D, and even shows you where to find tons of people who need the work done for them! What's better than that?

ALERT!! I must tell everyone, that at the time I reviewed this, the product was selling for $7.
Unfortunately because it is becomiing extremely popular, the price has been raised to $9.95.
However, IT WILL BE GOING UP AGAIN, so grab it now, it isn't going to get any cheaper!

Now along with this product, I am offering a Super Bonus Package!!
Purchase through the video or this blog and send me your paypal receipt. I will immediately send over a Premium Zip file of over 21,000 Graphics, PLUS another zip file full of Premium Animated Graphics!! These are valued together at $397!! You won't find a better bonus anywhere!

Now once you purchase this product, you will see how easy this really is, and you can immediately start selling your services on Fiverr, Elance, UpWork, Warrior Forum, to Amazon book Authors and a whole bunch of other places too. Here's the link again!#lancetamashiroproducts

Purchase Graphic Design Dashboard Here!

That's where the advanced training comes in on August 18th and 19th! They also will teach you how to charge more by adding upsells on sites Fiverr. I also can help you. I have some other ideas about how you can sell these services also, that I have already tried and I have sold, $175 to date on other sites.

The nice thing too is there are NO upsells or anything else. The product is the product, which is refreshing. So for $9.95 you get the whole thing and you can become a professional graphics design service!! There really is a huge demand for these services. So if you buy the product, which I hope you will, you will make money with this, as long as you follow through!!


So, in closing! Purchase Graphic Design Dashboard Here And Get My Super Bonus!

You will make money with this, no matter what your skill level is!

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