Monday, February 9, 2015

Revealed! Curation = Trust!!#contentmarketing#curationtips#howtobuildtrust

 So you are struggling to create great content so your potential customers will trust what you say, and sometimes invest in your recommendations! The landscape that is internet marketing is one of disbelief and tainted by people who are, shall we say, less than trustworthy.#howdoistarttomakemoneyonline

This is the biggest hurdle you will face to succeed in internet marketing. If your leads don't trust you, how can you expect them to buy from you? Well there is a solution. Curation! Yup, content curation is a proven way to become an authority in your field.

It is something that is often overlooked in the quest for internet marketing riches. You just simply are not going to get everyone to trust your opinion. Believe me I know firsthand. This blog has been a real learning experience for me, because people in this field, are gun shy at best.#internetmarketingtips

So how do you gain their trust? How do you become someone people can trust? There has been a study on this, and I love statistics and live proof. I have based my whole career on this. It is something that is measurable. It is something you can count on.

I have absolutely followed every rule, writing this blog. There is no fluff. I only recommend things I have actually bought and used, and still there are people reading this blog and doubting my.........let's say expertise.

Well now there is a way to get over the hump. You curate other people's content and boom! You are now the one people trust.

It is totally backward if you ask me. Again, I buy, implement and review every product I endorse. What else is there? Well according to the link below, plenty! So if you are trying to break into this internet marketing niche, or you think you even have it figured out, I would highly recommend this article below.

There is nothing to sell or promote, today. I am giving you the keys to success on a silver platter. Let's see if you come back and actually trust my opinion, or at least read what I have to say.

Go here now and click on the underlined link below. There is nothing to buy, or I am not selling you on some three year old course that is going to net me, $250 after all the time and effort spent in trying to educate my audience.#whatisaffiliatemarketing

I find that after you educate people, they can identify the rats from the good guys and that is my goal with this post.

You know how strange it is that you read my reviews and posts and pop-ups aren't flying in your face to join my email list or get a free PDF, by entering your email? Yeah, a lot of people in this industry would call it suicide! Because let's face it you need an active email list to properly create trust with your customers, or potential customers!

That's why I haven't done that yet! I have posted 44 reviews and advice and never asked anyone for anything with regard to their personal info! I hope you see I want to gain your trust! I mean I don't know 1 internet marketer that posts 40+ articles and doesn't ask anybody for anything! So from now on, this blog will take on a very different tenor. One that is going to help you, the reader, and me, the guy who is trying to educate you and in the process help you make money from your home, and get an monetary reward for promoting things that actually work!

Pretty sound premise, don't you think?

Well we will see in the coming posts. There are some real game-changing things out there, that can have you making really decent money within 24 hours literally! But, you have to trust my reviews! With this post, I hope I have somehow gained some of that trust. I hope you continue reading this blog!

Click on the link below. It is a great resource! Talk soon!#bestwaytoearnmoneyonline

Third-party content is 4x to 7x more trusted than your own


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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