Saturday, June 7, 2014

Get Your Free Video Download For FaceBook!


I just found this amazing software that you can download for free and with 1 click you can download any video posted on FaceBook for FREE, Zippo!! This is a really neat tool to have at your disposal because there is so much stuff on FaceBook nowadays, it is just crazy! Someone a lot smarter than I am can probably figure out how to download these videos and make money with them by sharing them and embedding links into them or whatever. I just think that it is a really neat application and there are no strings attached. I used it the other day, because a few people sent me videos of my band performing at a few venues during the spring and it was so easy! Now I have a neat little library with some videos I never had other than on news feeds! Check it out! I have some neat stuff upcoming this week, that you should be looking out for. So for now, get your 1-click software and We'll talk soon!
Just click on the banner at the top right of this blog and boom, you get the software! Joe