Monday, December 22, 2014

Fortune 500 Company's Do This! Why Aren't You?#newsocialsite#socialsitereview

Season's Greetings!!

I have been reading different editorials and press releases on how to get increased customer engagement. Fortune 500 company's, who have much better resources than you or I have found that websites that have a LIVE Chat Box increase their engagement and conversion rates by up to 511%!!

That is a staggering number! Think about it? People in this day and age are still very much into personal engagement. Fortune 500 company's know this, so what should the average Joe do about it?

Well I have recently joined a site that gives you, for free your own social profile, has great member to member engagement, encourages you to submit press releases, and gives you a live Chat Box!#newtrafficreviews
How great is that?

This site I have spoken about previously in my post and if you click the banner below, I strongly urge you to join. It is by far, one of those hidden nuggets on the internet, that not only gives you a platform to earn free credits and advertising, but also is extremely interactive!#socialsitereviews

If you are serious about becoming a successful internet marketer, you should be using all the resources available. This site is one, that will boost your contacts, continually learn from its members, and provides you with your own video channel, promotional site, and, you got it! A live Chat Box!

It is growing as fast as any site I have ever seen, so now is the time to get in and use it as another way to meet like minded people. So click on the banner below and really take a look around, this is a must in your internet arsenal for 2015 and beyond!!#trafficsitereview