Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Blogging Strategies! Speedblogging Plus Bridge Pages Review And Bonus!#learntoblog#howtostartablog#makemoneyblogging

New Blogging Strategies! Speedblogging Plus Bridge Pages Review And Bonus!

Are you a blogger?#johnchow

Are you constantly struggling trying to come up with original, interesting content?#contentmarketing

Do you spend hours and hours researching for your next blog post, hoping it will get read and shared?

Well let me tell you, your prayers have been answered!#chrisrecord

Introducing - Speedblogging and Bridge Pages by Chris Record!

This is simply an amazing course, that solves so many problems my head is spinning. Not only does this course give you a browser based solution to finding content and blogging, you also get a thing Chris calls Bridge Pages.

Bridge Pages is a combination of ClickFunnels, by Russell Brunson and LeadPages! Both of them are recurring monthly subscriptions. Both allow you to create, stunning Squeeze Pages, Salespages and Landing Pages.

Well Bridge Pages does the same thing and it is easier and Waaaaay cheaper than either of those two mentioned above!#russellbrunson

This speedblogging thing that Chris has come up with is ingenious! You can now pick anything from anywhere on the internet and capture it, or do just about anything else and it is browser based so there is no software and it works on any device!! Go here now and check out the Salespage:

Start Your 7 Day Trial For $1! Instant Access!

This is the Salespage where Chris Explains it All!

 He is offering a 7 day Trial for $1! This let's you take the whole system for a spin and test out all of the powerful features with little or really no risk!

There is also a chance to win tickets to Chris' exclusive event that normally costs $475 per person! 

Here is my YouTube Review from a Google Hangout I just posted. This is a fantastic resource and the Bridge Pages is really cool!#landingpagesoftware

So there you have it! $1 for a 7 Day Trial? Plus there is an additional 30 day money back guarantee! Go here now and test drive this out, you will be pleased at the very least. I highly recommend this.

Yes Start My 7 Day Trial For $1!! Click Right Here!

Here is another screenshot from the Salespage! 


As you can see, you get this great looking software to create landing pages, squeeze pages and Salespages! For me this is a complete slam dunk!

Plus you have the chance to get 2 FREE tickets to Create, Capture, Convert! Which is Chris Records live training, where he goes one on one with you and teaches you all kinds of tips and tricks to help you succeed! This is a $950 value + when you purchase from my link, my special Blogging PDF Series worth another $149. All for $1. 

So that's it for now, but as every experienced internet marketer will tell you, you should have at least 1 blog! Then you should be sending all of your traffic through that blog, to succeed!#mattbacak#frankkern

So here is the link 1 more time for you procrastinator's! LOL. C'mon it is only $1. Try it out, this will make you money over the long and short term! 

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