Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pop Ups Are Dead! Here's Your Solution To Convert Your Exit Traffic!#exittrafficstrategies#bestnewwordpressplugin#howtoconvertmorevisitors

Pop Ups Are Dead! Here's Your Solution To Convert Your Exit Traffic!

Hi everyone! This was my initial review on what now has become a Finalist for The Warrior Plus Website's, Product of The Year! This is a fantastic plugin and course, I highly recommend you take another close look at this product. It has made significant success stories throughout the internet marketing community, and it is extremely simple to use and very effective!#bestWarriorForumproductof2016. If you are serious about making money online, you should really take another look at this. GO FOR IT!#productoftheyear

92.4%, I'll repeat that 92.4% of all your visitor's are not seeing your pages if you are using pop ups on your Wordpress site!! Pop Ups Are Dead! Here's Your Solution To Convert Your Exit Traffic! It is called WP Traffic Up and it is THE best wordpress plugin that has been released in quite a long time!#wordpresstips

It allows you to jump over all the Firefox, Safari and Chrome updates that have blocked your exit popups! It has been proven that these search engines have changed their search updates so that is humanly impossible to view these plugins anymore! This is huge people, and it has been going on for some time, its just that no one told you! WP Traffic Up is the only Wordpress plugin with Autoplay ready Technology also. That means everyone sees your offers as they exit your sites, posts, pages or whatever! This will result in a much higher conversion rate, along with visitor's remaining on your pages longer, sky rocketing your rankings in Google, and a whole lot more actually!

To me this isn't so much a sales pitch, it is a warning! If you use Wordpress YOU NEED THIS POP UP NOW! It is that simple. Otherwise you are allowing 92.4% of your visitors to leave your site without as much as a goodbye! No alternative offers, no list building pages, no giveaways, no NOTHING! Now if that is the way you want to operate your Wordpress site, then Good Luck and Goodbye, you are losing out BIG TIME! You need to buy this now, because it has been proven that once people actually see these pop ups, some may even think they are annoying but every study shows, THEY WORK! So that is really all you need to know. This is also a great plugin that gives you 9 different animations, 2 different settings and the ability to have them autoplay if you so choose. And guess what? Your visitors will actually see them! This is a fantastic plugin alon with it being necessary. So it really is a no brainer. Here is my short video review. The link comes in at around 1 minute and 25 seconds, just click on the link and get this ASAP! No really!

So there you have it! You want to make as much from your traffic as possible? This is the way to do that! Clearly!


Remember, the OTO 1 is the one that you should seriously consider. Not only consider but actually buy because it gives you an arsenal of animations and themes that are going to explode your site into a conversion machine! That's all I have to say. Make sure you send your receipt over to me, so I can send you your other premium plugins, which by the wy are better than the 2nd and 3rd OTO on this product. But the front end plugin and the 1st Add on are just killer plugins, that are well worth the money. As a matter of fact the front end plugin which is just $9.95 should be at least $79 if not $99 all day long! Here's 1 last chance to grab it at this great price and get my bonuses as well!


Thanks and I hope you buy this and don't hesitate! It will be going up in price very soon!
Thanks, Joe