Saturday, May 24, 2014

Super Cool New Site That Pays You To Do What You Like For FREE!!

Hi Everyone,

I just kind of stumbled on this site called Film Annex. It is a site for people who love to blog, microblog about super targeted subjects, love watching or making videos, love music and entertainment etc..
It is a great, fun site and the more you participate, the more follower's you get and they subscribe to your page. Once that happens you start generating what the site calls a "buzz score". The higher the buzz score the better, so it rewards you for being engaged in sharing information you love, or watching movies or videos or, well you just have to check it out!!
So anyway, now you are probably asking, how do I make money from this? Fair question. So, the more you participate in one or more of the many categories available you are rewarded with crypto-currency from other members who think your content or participation is cool!! It is that simple. I have been a member for about three weeks now, posted some snippets of video from my bands(yes I am in a band)performances, written a few things about how to make a great cup of coffee(I was in that industry for 28 years), you should visit my blog, It is all about my experience in the coffee industry from first working in it to becoming the owner of this multi-million dollar coffee manufacturer, and I include all the lessons I learned along the way.
But anyway, Film Annex is completely FREE to join, Sign up is super simple and the more you participate the more currency you make. Like I said I have been doing it for about three weeks and have been rewarded approximately a half of a bitcoin! In case you don't know bitcoins, a full one is equal to $525.00 U.S. dollars right now. So I have made about $250 for having some fun, adding content that I am passionate about and you get paid and it's FREE! What more could you ask for! Seriously, check it out below on the link I am providing! I don't think you will get rich, but you will make money for having some fun and that is Super rare in these times!! So check out Film Annex through the link below and I hope to see you on the site soon!! You are guaranteed to make some money if you participate!! See you there, click on the link below and join, it is a blast!!

Get Paid To Have Some Fun and Joining Up is FREE!!!