Saturday, September 13, 2014

Internet Marketing Legend Has Finally Shown Me A Program That Works!!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for not posting for so long but I have been working diligently on the purpose of this blog!! I have to tell you I have tried a bunch of products since my last post and none of them worked!!
I tried a program highly touted by JVZoo called Weblify. I spent the money on the base software plus I bought the 3 upsells! While I think the program would eventually work, there were parts of it that was more for the more experienced marketer's. It was based around building niche websites and adding them to your hosting service, and then promoting Clickbank offers. Like I said it wasn't horrible it just wasn't for everyone! I bought a few more too, one by, a pretty successful internet marketer, called Inboxer. The beginning was great, the steps made sense, it was a about building your list and the like. But by module 4 I was lost!! It became waaaay too technical and I knew at that point I just couldn't implement it! I am not techie, but at least I can write!
So then I stopped and started thinking about what half these videos I watch and what the true people in this industry keep telling people over and over!! You have to find someone REALLY successful and COPY EXACTLY what they are doing! Don't reinvent the wheel here people, THIS IS NO SUCH BUTTON TO MILLION DOLLAR PAYDAYS! There is however, a way to make really solid income on line, and if you are savvy enough, you can and should reinvest into what's working, and you will see those $10,000 months, or those $12,000 days!! It is out there.
So I found it! Has anyone heard of Paul Birdsall? Look him up, Google him, he has made ten of millions of money online and now he's launching another endeavor! So what do I do? I jump in with both feet, and I have to tell you, it is dead simple, very affordable! You get Paul Birdsall's email and Skype access for support(you are likely not going to need it) and you get a system that just flat out works! I have been with this program for 3 weeks now and I have to tell you, with ZERO paid advertising, I have made $770 dollars. Now that might seem like not a lot of money but by month 2 I will be on track to easily hit $3,000 if not more and then by month 3, $7-8,000. This is extremely effective and very scalable. It converts like crazy and is simply well put together. There is virtually zero learning curve and Paul even gives you his templates on email swipes and adds that he himself tested for months, to make sure they worked. This is a real site that has online Part-Time Jobs that is great! You can and will make money with this in 2 ways! The work is real and the pay is real also. So with further ado, You have to click on the link below and, please do yourself a favor???? Listen to this guy, he knows what he is doing. There is a great guarantee so it is risk free but once you see how he's done this you won't be going anywhere!! Remember, those numbers above were all with FREE traffic. Forget it once you start buying solo-ads!! The skies the limit!! So Please Click the link below and YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!! Now go make some money!!                                                                                                                                                 CLICK HERE!! MAKE MONEY!!

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