Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Is All About Traffic!!!

Hi Everyone,

The internet marketing game is becoming more and more complicated. It shouldn't be!
Let's just be real here and not over complicate it. How many of you are sick and tired of seeing the same whiteboard videos or sales letter that talks about their struggles, " I was right where you are now" or I tried everything, "I was $60,000 in debt, blah blah blah..
You think just due to evolution someone would come up with a better script, don't you think? Frustrating isn't it?
There are really only a few things you have to concentrate on to make money! Get an auto-responder to build your list, get a squeeze page, if you sign up to my list I can give you the place to get it for zero, find an offer that converts well and then send TRAFFIC to it!! That's it! Does that sound reasonable? Well it is. You don't need to be a genius, you really don't need anything else. So the biggest problem I see and have had trouble with is the Traffic part! Well I have been doing this for over 2 years now and recently, through a very well known IM guy, I have found the secret to FREE traffic sources that actually work. He was actually giggling when he told me. He said, man you don't know bout these sources? I looked at him and just said, well no.
He showed me the sources and how to use them efficiently so you are sending out 1,000's of TARGETED emails per week at absolutely ZERO cost! No paid solo ads, etc...
Yes everyone of these sources have upgrades that you can do,(highly recommended) but the upgrades are cheap! I personally upgraded every one and it cost me $7 for most of the upgrades. So now I can email over 21,000 targeted emails every 3 days in most cases for virtually nothing! I wish I knew this 2 years ago! I would have been so much further ahead! Even if you only get say a 2% click through rate, you are still going to make a ton of sales every week!! So here's the deal. I am going to GIVE you these sources below, but I am only giving you 4 of them. If you want the other three, actually there is a fourth, so if you want the other 4, sign up to the right of this blog and get on my list!! I will email them to you! This is an incredible offer, sign up to my list and you get the sources and knowledge to send out thousands of targeted emails, grow your list and make money!! I'd say that is a pretty fair deal! So don't wait, the sources are below, it takes less than a minute to sign up for each and off you go!!

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