Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air!

How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air! 

Well not quite but it might as well be! This is what I like to call a technological breakthrough that combines the hottest trends in internet marketing and technology today and just figuring out how to monetize this type of thing easily and almost like you were brain dead! Really!
So everyone knows that mobile phones are pretty much the future right? Well, if you said NO! Bye,Bye, go to the next blog. Go ahead, I'll give you a few seconds to opt out!.....................
OK, still here? Good, we're half way there! Now everyone knows that video is by far the most popular way to market, get conversions and visibility right? Again, same thing, I'll give you a few seconds if you disagree!.................
OK. Now, put a mobile phone, a brand new amazing FREE App for mobile phones and combine that with video. Then you break that into popular categories like music, business, art, news, marketing, DIY and then let people pay you, if they like what they see???? WHAT???
YUP! It is mobile app, youtube, crowdfunding!!!
Oh my God, think of the possibilities?? Oh yeah and NOBODY really knows about this yet, but you can be real sure there will be millions of people rolling their Periscope accounts and starting to put their content on an APP that has a BIG BUTTON that says PAY!!!! Are you kidding me? This is insane!
DOWN PERISCOPE!! UP WITH ________________! Look I can't reveal it because, well that is pretty much what you are going to be paying for! I am telling you. You can make money on this App doing anything! Think youtube, Periscope, Vimeo, anything with video and then asking the people who become followers or don't become followers, make a contribution to whatever it is you are doing on there. You can be cooking, telling a story, giving advice, walking your dog, filming your vacation, the opportunities are endless and its mobile and its video and its free!!! and it is cutting edge and new and all of those things plus more, because they are still adding features as you go, so I shouldn't have to tell you what happens to people called "early adopters". If you find yourself on the ground floor of a huge thing that is just about to skyrocket in tech these days it might as well be like holding the winning lottery ticket! The guy  or guys who put this out are James Renouf(who I have purchased every single thing and promoted everything he has pretty much ever done!!!) and Shane Nathan who isn't James but, he's pretty close! It is a really great duo for "out of the box" product creation! Although this probably will be considered that, it couldn't be further from the truth, since everything this method deals with is a huge hit already! This is still around $10, but it is moving up in price extremely fast, and will most likely be close to $20 by tomorrow, and I am so stoked over this thing that I almost don't want to write this and just keep putting stuff/content on this APP so I can keep hearing my phone endlessly dinging, because that is what it is doing since last night at 11:30 when I bought this product and went through the pdf!!!
Honestly, I am doing you such a big favor I was thinking of charging some sort of a commission to give people some things they could do on here to make them money!! I mean I still may become the first ever phone app/Blogger Agent!! Don't laugh! That is an offer you are going to get at the end of this thing!

Here is my quick review! The link is live in the video! Get this program! I'll give you a bundle of ways you can monetize this program as a bonus!!

That's about all I can say about this method! If you don't get this, it on you!
You certainly can make money and no you don't have to be on camera either! There are other ways to do video as you probably already know by now. So this app just asks people to donate money to you for whatever it is you are sharing! This is as cool as it gets people! Get this and remember, get that first OTO too. The second one, well I'd skip, I did, but the 1st one is great!! 

See you on the mobile phone I hope!! Take care and BUY THIS THING!!