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One Of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!#productlaunchadvice#do'sanddon'tsforproductcreators

One Of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!

So there are 100's of internet marketing product creators out there. My poison most of the time is Warrior Plus. They are generally well priced, pretty well made and there is a general aptitude that most members of that site have enjoyed some relative success producing a sales funnel that has 2 to 3 products that are well written and the sales copy is well above average.

The 1 thing I am dumb founded about is the continual mistakes these people make when setting up their funnels. There is the old trick that if a customer tries to get out of the front end, a pop up discount comes up! What? One of The Stupidest Mistakes I Have Ever Seen A Product Creator Make!

Take the products I just reviewed in the last few days. Both worthy of a look and certainly neither is going to break the bank if you decide to buy them. 

Most of them even work if you follow them like you said unless you, like 85% of everyone that buys these things looks through them, either asks for a refund or better yet, they just kind of gloss through them and kind of let them drift the $7 front end product they bought into the empty chasm of the device you are using. The dust that's collecting on all the products you have purchased over the tears, because for some reason you never follow through!!

Well recently I have run into another disturbing, sophomoric practice that is really starting to irk me. That is the 50% discount on the front end product you are thinking of buying. You know you try to leave the page and you start to opt out and you get the "Don't leave This page" message! They turn around and  give  you a 50% discount on their $6.95 product. So you feel bad, you reconsider and you end up buying the front end, discount. Oh well, all well and good, you saved $3 on a $7 product! Yipee!#donotleavemoneyonthetable

Here's where this stuff drives me nuts! Ok you got them to buy the front end, and the freakin offer goes right to the Paypal page and thank you for your purchase page. Then you get a notification that here is where you enter the info and you get a "here's where you can access your purchase!! WHAT??????

What the hell happened to the rest of the funnel? No that's gone! You aren't even offered any of the OTO's!! What the hell does that tell you? The product creator has given up on his own funnel and he's taking the measly front end offer and running! Come on, have a little faith in what you created will ya? I mean often times the real meat is in the OTO's Anyway. The done for you campaigns, the accelerators that actually put you in a position to make money faster, etc... Why the hell are you abandoning them??? Bad business, that's why!!#howtomaximizeyoursalesfunnel

Let me tell you, this has happened to me to just not the newer bunch of product creators either, it has happened with some of the more "big name" reputable marketer's on the Warrioir Plus Platform. Why? Have they gone to some stupid, conversion summit that has told them some goofy metric that says 80% of discount buyers will not consider your OTO's? Well hooey to that! Keep the damn funnel in place and make sure its connected to the downsells!!!

Even the OTO downsells. If you have a customer who buys the first OTO, but its the downsell, why wouldn't you show them the premium priced 2nd OTO first? You should because you never know! Sometimes statistics just BLOCK success. I say screw statistics, swing for the fence everytime. If you just go to the downsell, that leaves you nowhere else to go if they opt out!! Are you getting this?#howtomaximizeaproductlaunch

Well it tells me, you don't give a crap about the customer, you have them on your email list and you'll get em next time right?  WRONG!!

There is no way in hell they shouldn't be shown the OTO's! You are leaving massive amounts of money to be made on the table. There is NO reason the funnel should be turned off because they went for the discounted front end!

People like me who have reveiwed the product, often times put that information into the review to save their customers a little bit of money on the front end! Who's to say they won't turn around and purchase a valuable OTO?

So the morale of the story is, if you are a product creator, make sure no matter what that front end offer is purchased for, keep that funnel in place! You are not only sending a bad message to your buyers you are leaving massive amounts of commissions on the table for you and your affiliates! Why?

This is just a little pet peeve I have that is becoming more and more prevalent over the last year. I personally don't want to put the effort into this type of promotion because it certainly is not worth the effort I put into promoting your product, if there is no backend!

So product creator's! Keep your links attached to your front end product, and hope for the best. Chances are you will make a lot more money by adopting this technique than the other way. You are setting yourself up to fail before you begin!

That's just my opinion but I hope you take it to heart, and make sure from now on, you keep your sales funnel intact, no matter what the buying actions of your customers. You will find you have maximized your profitability on the launch, and you definitely will thank me for this quick little lesson down the road!

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P.S. Nothing to sell here, just a little advice to product creators! I hope you take my advice. I contacted one, who is an acquaintance of mine. His answer was, "oh good point, we are going to have to consider that on our next launch". HUH?
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